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HR – Agile HR Fundamentals ( Human Resources )

10 Weeks
All levels
8 lessons
1 quiz
3 students

Course has been structured to help you learn

  • Why Agile is Need of the Hour in today’s VUCA world
  • Basics of Agile methodologies/frameworks
  • A Paradigm Shift from Traditional to Agile Human Resources
  • What is Agile HR
  • Agile Movement in Human Resources function

What you’ll learn

  • Learn what is Agile and why it is the need of the hour
  • Understand what is Conventional HR
  • Understand the Paradigm Shift from Traditional HR to Agile HR
  • Learn what is Agile Human Resources and its key components
  • Understand and explain Agile methodologies and concepts that can be applied for HR function
  • Explain Agile Movement in HR function


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