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Living A Purposeful Life

EMOTION stands for Energy in Motion. As the physic class taught us: Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. However, energy can change forms, we have the ability to transform our energy. How is that possible..

Energy can FLOW (Transfer) from one person to another person. That’s why our mood can determine so much of what we do in a day. We have such power to transform the energy we feel in certain days. The key to do exactly that is in meditating.

Meditation is good for our well being. It makes us more aware of our surrounding and help us channel the best energy to help us maximize our day. The practice of meditation is believed to contribute in a greater well-being as it helps many people to relax and breath deeper.

As the busyness of life controls how we spend most out days, we tend to forget the true meaning of why we exist in this world. We’re too consumed to even question what’s the purpose of our existence. Meditation is the tool which helps us to be more conscious, to release our tension and stress we might have inside out body. Therefore we can be more aware on the things that we do in our everyday life.

To truly embody the life full with purpose, we need to be able to understand that it is our responsibility to pick the right energy, so that our day can get better each days. Good luck sob. Make sure tomorrow is a better day than today and keep it up.

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