Your Goals and How They Define You

How can we define a person when we see them? From their job? Their looks? Their intelligence? The answer is yes to all of them. But what does shape someone’s definition? A lot of answer to this. It could be their behavior, their family, their dream, their achievements, their environment and also their goals. Goals can be a powerful tool to define yourself, not because the goals itself , but how you reach those goals.

Goals is like an ultimate achievement, a finish line that we really want to reach. In “Personality in Workplace” course, we learned how to know ourselves better. When we learned better about our potential, we could build our path to finish line, our goals. This path, the space between start and finish, is the thing we must build step by step. From your experiences, your achievement, your late night study.

This was a story of my best friend in high school. Second year, we were talking about what is our dream and goals after graduation. He said, “I want to be a scientist.” At first, I was skeptic at first. After graduation he was hyper focused on his studies. Sure, he got hitched along the way, but he didn’t lose sight of his goals. He was the best graduate, not just from his Master program, also in University. When I talk about him, I would define him as a good friend, a loving husband and very….absurdly…. determined person.

The goals you have, can’t define you. But the path you create and walk along the way towards your goals, is the thing that will define you. The goals themself help you focus, so you won’t astray from your path. The path without goals, is pointless. The goals without the path you carve, is just a daydream. Only by carving your path towards your goals, you will be truly incredible.

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