Get to know your work personality type!

Currently, measuring a person’s success is usually measured through the academy, degree, IQ, and hard skills we has. However, we need to know that knowledge through EQ (Emotional Intelligence) means emotional intelligence, which is no less important!

Knowledge is indeed important for us when we are in a job, but experience is no less important to learn more deeply. With experience we can all learn new things, can develop ourselves, and can also grow into better individuals in the future. Recognizing Personality Types is also very important for us to do, especially during interviews. It can be like a SWOT analysis and others. This is very important for us to pay attention to because starting from our analysis, we can better know and recognize ourselves starting from the most basic, namely strengths and weaknesses. This can also be our benchmark when choosing the job position we want, whether we are able or less able to handle the position in the future.

So we can conclude that recognizing our own personality is indeed very important both in everyday life and in the realm of the work we do. Start writing what you already know and what you don’t know about yourself, and think about what type of personality you have. In Work, there are various Personality Types, such as Analytical Personality, Leader Personality, Friendly Personality and Expressive Personality. So how do we know which personality type we belong to?

Your Personality Type can be identified by knowing what the weaknesses and strengths we have are first, then after knowing the strengths and weaknesses, we need to learn the importance of the differences in each personality we have.

So, which personality type do you belong to?

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