Transforming or Transferring Energy? There’s more way to try!

So, there was this knowledge sharing session called “Find your purpose” by Mr. Bagia. I didn’t attend to the class as I was needed to stay in the first floor to look out for it. But I have a chance to take a look at his slide and videos, thanks to HR team that provided the source available for everyone to see. It is indeed interesting. Thanks for HR team to make it happened.



The Friendship of The Good & The Bad

In this article, I will share what do I do everyday to implement what he was shared with you that day. And first, we all know that in this world, there are always two sides of a story. The good and the bad. Everything have an upside and a downside. That’s a fact. Because no good will happen without a bad, and no bad will happen without a good. Lemme get you examples of both situation.

No help needed when no one has a disaster, is it? See Palu disaster for example. When the disaster happened, that’s when people come together to help the victims. Or, do we cry when someone we don’t know died? No. We cried, when we lost someone we love, or someone who is always good to us. See? Good and bad, they need each other. They need to happen to balance our life. My ancestor call it: Yin & Yang energy. Good things will happen because of the bad, and the bad will happen because of the good. With this Idea, I will try to help you understand what Mr. Bagia’s shared better.

Kerja di Beon

The source of our energy

Good and bad, will always brings energy. Mr. Bagia said that energy can’t neither be created nor destroyed. So, if we can’t create the energy, how come positive or negative energy exist in our body and mind? Where’s the energy comes from? The key to understand it is that energy can’t be destroyed, but they can transform or transferred from one place to another. Here’s the thing, everyday, without we even realize it, our surroundings are TRANSFERRING its energy. It can either be a positive or a negative energy. The energy FLOWS from their place, to our place. So, what’s surround you, most likely will determined how you live your life. If you feel that you’re filled with positive energy, than most likely your surrounding is a positive and it is good for you. But if you feel negativity filled your body, then it’s time to change your surrounding. This factors, are mostly affecting what kind of energy do you have:

  1. Who you interact with
  2. What kind of music do you hear
  3. What kind of book / article / news you read
  4. What kind of movie do you watch
  5. What kind of activity you do on your free time

It’s safe to check on those list to see where’s the energy comes from. If it positive, multiply it. If it negative, change it. It is that simple.

Transforming or transferring an energy

Mr. Bagia shows you how you can transform your energy by meditation and screaming. Well, in my case, I meditate when I smoke outside at home by imagining good things that I want, and screaming by singing Linkin Park’s songs. And now, I find another way. A productive way. Think about it, when you angry or depressed, don’t you feel a mountain of energy flows in your body? If you don’t feel it, try to hit a door when you angry, and may be you’ll make a hole out of it (or break your hand, either way you’ll feel the energy). In my case, I do feel it. And I know someone use it to smash the door, use it to screaming “Jancoo**oook” or use it to punch the other in the face. It is fascinating to see the energy of an angry people. When I realize just how much energy I have when I’m angry, I begin to use that energy to do my hobbies. I love to do a DIY project. Be it woodworking, plumbing, or petting a discus (even though they’re dead now, hiks). At one time, I also transform my negative energy into positive through my motorcycle. See my scoopy, that’s the fruit of my stress reliever activity.

The point is, you can transform or transfer energy in many different ways. That’s why old people often said “Get a hobby” to people who were always angry most of the time. By doing what you love, you’re not only transferring energy, but also transforming that energy to better use. Remember, good need bad, and bad need good. Doing something you love is an example of a good thing needed for the bad thing that happen to you. And if good thing happen to you, don’t forget to look out for someone who have a bad day.

Transforming or transferring is a temporary solution

In a rainy weather and a water is leaked from your roof, the logical thing to do at first is to put a bucket below to contain the water. Some of us even use it to wash our motorcycle, or to wash the toilet. It is an example on how we TRANSFER a rain water from roof to a bucket to prevent from make the floor wet. Then TRANSFORM the use of rain water into another use. When the rain stop, it is stopped. But what if it rains again? Does it prevent it from leaking again? No. You’ll need to do it again and again. It is good at first. But it will become stressful if you have to do it over and over again. At one time, maybe you won’t have enough bucket to contain all the water and it will be all over your floor.

So, what is the best thing to do when a water is leaked? Yes: patch the roof! So, it won’t leaking again. That situation is exactly the same with the energy. Transforming energy, won’t stop an unwanted energy to come to you again. What you need to do is, find the source of that unwanted energy and prevent it to get back to you. See the checklist that I gave you above.


Hope you’ll find your call. And I always available for you if you need a discussion. See you!

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    Mantap mas jd sedikit mengerti sharing mas bagia karna pas itu tidak bisa hadir, terimakasih mas tiphen??

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