My Impression on Personality Types At Work

Have you ever wondered about the personality types of each and every single person that you have met in real life according to the theories that you have read or found out via online such as MBTI, The Big 5, BIRD, or even enneagrams? Has it ever occurred to you that these sort of “generalization” theories is a total lifechanging details for some people because of the accurate depiction of each test?

Ever since that i’ve learned these theories, my mind always produce the exact same question every time i’ve met someone new or even by watching certain celebrities or a character of a video game and movies such as Iron Man (ENTP), Voldemort (ENTJ), and many others.

The main effect after learning these particular subjects for quite some time are heavily influencing our way to perceive certain people and the way they do things and speak

Kamu merasa artikel ini menarik dan bermanfaat? Bagikan ke temanmu sekarang yuk!

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