Rebuild My Mind

Human created with a smart mind. Using its mind, they can overpower other living things. However, not all humans succeed during their lives. Why did it happen ? Because there are still many people who do not have a good mindset. Mindset is a method, assumptions held by one or more people. Mindset forms a person figure.

Then, how’s mindset considered good ? A good mindset is when a person know about himself. You need to know yourself ( Who are you ? What’s your goal ? What’s your skill ? ). Why ? Because you will never succeed and happy if you just copying other people.

Then, what we need to do now ? We need to rebuild our mindset, start with try to know ourself. After that, we need to do things, that is :


Keep your focus on goal. Leave things that not useful for your goal. Because, you will never get to finish line if you don’t run in lane.

Learn from Experience

You can get experience from trying it yourself or from great people. You don’t actually need to try everything. Learn from other experience will help you save time to spent. But, if there is nothing from other people, just try until you get what it need.

Keep Innovative

You need to be creative and innovative. Then, you can make many new things for your needs. Moreover, creative makes you solve problem easier / more unique.

Be Yourself, Be Happy

Above all, keep being yourself. Everyone have their own talent. Therefore, other need isn’t necessarily your need. Also, do what makes u happy, not that makes u forced.

In conclusion, a good mindset is a mindset that accept who we are, and use our talent to the fullest. Importantly, a good mindset will lead you to success. Keep being you 🙂

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